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Fertilizer Case Study
Material Handling Equipment Drives Agribusiness Industry Success

Automated Conditioning Systems Helps Meet Rising Demand More Safely and Quickly

Fertilizer production is not without challenges. For one customer, the manual conditioning process to “de-lump” solidified fertilizer material was inefficient and posed safety risks to employees. As demand increased, the situation worsened. This caused production bottlenecks across its four national fertilizer plants.

Designing Customized Conditioning Systems

Turning to Material Transfer’s product visionaries, the team went straight to work to evaluate the conditioning process. Topping the list of challenges associated with manual processes was product moisture that the material retained when solidified.

Equipped with this knowledge, our customization experts built four custom Material Master® Bulk Bag Conditioning Systems. These robust advanced conditioning systems incorporated several key features that included heavy-duty steel construction, a customized pivoting conditioning arm, and more.

Keeping Up With Ongoing Demand

With a combination of innovative design and automation integration, the Conditioning Systems equipped the customer to safely keep up with rising demand. This affirmed Material Transfer’s position as a trusted partner in their supply chain.

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