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Material Handling’s Role in Preserving Product Integrity
September 29, 2021
bulk material filler, discharger and conditioner

Rising concerns regarding product contamination, quality sacrifices due to tight delivery timeframes and labor shortages, have underscored the importance of preserving product integrity across the supply chain. For bulk material manufacturers in particular, this has spotlighted the criticality of proper product handling – especially in the filling, conditioning and discharging of bulk materials.

Take a closer look at the five things our customization experts recommend to preserve product integrity.

Prevent Product Contamination, Spoilage + Degradation

From production to shipment to storage, there are many points along the supply chain where products are vulnerable to contamination if the proper precautions aren’t met. When it comes to material handling operations, plant workers must be cognizant of how they handle product on the shop floor.

Tips for Proper Material Handling


Ensure all handling equipment is free of sharp edges.

Forklift prongs and crane hooks can easily tear bulk bags and cause dangerous working conditions.

Store product in a dry location and out of direct sunlight.

Don’t expose bulk bags or containers to direct sunlight. Outer material is only designed to withstand a small amount of exposure.


Stack bags or containers that are designed to do so.

Many bulk bags and containers are designed to be stacked, but not all, so only stack those designed for it.

Avert Damage

Throughout the material handling points of contact, preventing damage to raw goods, materials and finished products is a top priority. Implementation and adherence to safety protocols throughout the product handling process is a key factor to reduce product loss or damage.

prevent product damage

Prevent bag overhang by ensuring bulk bags are filled to the appropriate size and don’t extend past the sides of the pallet. This will reduce the potential for a bag to fall over or get snagged on an object outside of the pallet width.

Ensure Proper Packaging

Proper packaging is one of the most important considerations during the handling process. Ensure products like pharmaceuticals, food, chemicals or other raw goods are packaged properly to protect from contamination, heat exposure, physical damage and much more.

Packaging for Pharma

For vaccine distribution, proper packaging plays a crucial role in protecting and preserving the integrity of vaccine components. A custom designed discharging system that dispenses metered dry ice into temperature-controlled containers provides the necessary insulation and protection from breaks and cracks during transport – safeguarding the product until it reaches the injection point.

Safeguard Storage + Temperature Needs

When it comes to temperature-controlled products, the appropriate storage methods should be followed to ensure long shelf life and avoid product deterioration. For frozen foods in particular, product can be jeopardized by failure to maintain a suitable product temperature level throughout the cold chain, including storage, transport and distribution.

To protect product from deterioration, storage conditions in the material handling process should be checked at appropriate intervals for compliance with specified material temperature requirements.

Integrating an Automated Systems Approach

Automate your material handling process with pre-programmed computerized systems. Integrating advanced handling systems not only protects your employees, but also your equipment from risks associated with operator error.

Make your plant floor safer! An automated approach will reduce the risk of accidents and work-related injuries.

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