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    Seal-Master™ Spout Access Chamber with dust-tight doors (non-product contact)Sure-Seal® System (pneumatically clamps bag spout to discharge spool, dust-tight)Flo-Master™ Bag Massaging System (recommended for non-free flowing materials)Power-Flo™ Bulk Bag Conditioner System (breaks up hardened material inside bulk bagFlo-Lock® Discharge gate (discharge spout closure system for partial bag discharging)Dust collection system (specify product contact surfaces below)Floor hopper with flanged outletBatch controller for MTS supplied scale systemScrew conveyorRotary valveVibratory feederOther (describe below)

    If dust collection system is required, specify product contact surfaces:
    Carbon steelStainless steel


    Material Characteristics
    DustyGranularCorrosiveMoistPowderStickyAbrasiveExplosiveBridges/Rat HolesHygroscopicFree Flowing

    Bulk Bag Dimensions

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    Structure (non-product contact)
    Standard tubular carbon steelTubular stainless steel


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    Carbon SteelStainless Steel

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