For more than 30 years, Material Transfer & Storage (MTS) has been guided by the principle of building products the way they should be built: robust in design, elegant in operation, simple to use and easy to maintain. Our products are supported by the highest standards of excellence in service, and our commitment to you continues longer after the products ship.

From operator training to equipment evaluations, service contracts, remote equipment monitoring and more, our team is focused on doing what’s right for each of our customers: keeping your equipment up and running efficiently and safely, thereby minimizing downtime and maximizing efficiency.

Service Contracts


Although MTS designs its equipment to minimize the need for repair, it is common for customers to need occasional preventive service, or to schedule ongoing routine maintenance to ensure equipment health, minimize downtime and maximize performance.

Our year-long service contracts are available in two offerings: Preventive Service and Reactive Service. All customers will receive a 10 percent spare parts discount upon signing a contract for either service.

Preventive Service

Routine maintenance, as recommended by MTS and its suppliers, is custom-tailored to fit your production needs and schedule.

  • All services performed by MTS and its agents comply with authorized maintenance procedures.
  • Appointments and billings are prescheduled to minimize production interference, downtime and paperwork.
  • Flexible appointment dates are designed to fit your needs.

Reactive Service

MTS responds quickly to customer’s unplanned downtime to ensure plants stay up and running. This can also include training, warranty parts installation, diagnostics and system evaluations.

  • Advance appointments for training and equipment evaluations are recommended.
  • MTS responds to customer calls immediately, either by phone, by remote log-in or by sending an agent to the customer site.
  • Weekend and holiday service are available.

Equipment Evaluations

MTS strives to proactively keep its customers’ plants up and running by offering customized equipment evaluations and preventive maintenance on a semi-annual or annual basis.

Operator Training

MTS prides itself in creating equipment that is built to work, and we offer customers operator training to arm them with the knowledge and resources to safely and efficiently run and maintain their equipment.

Remote Equipment Monitoring

MTS’ state-of-the-art remote equipment monitoring service eliminates the need for on-site service by providing us with the ability to monitor your equipment health, operation and faults without needing to be on-site.