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Vaccine Distribution Case Study
Discharging Systems Play Key Role in Vaccine Distribution

Custom Systems Help Safely Transport Vaccine at Low Temperatures

With COVID-19 vaccines in distribution, never has dry ice played a more critical role than the one it plays in maintaining the vaccine’s integrity during high-volume transportation. Putting its more than 30 years of experience in customizing discharging systems, Material Transfer is proud to work as an important part of the distribution supply chain.

Customization Expertise in Action

Tapped to design and build customized equipment that would dispense dry ice into temperature-controlled containers, Material Transfer worked faster than ever before.

For vaccine distribution, the following was addressed:

  • Reduce ice to pellet-sized consistency.
  • Meter ice evenly to protect each vaccine.
  • Monitor ice discharged during packaging.
  • Automate the process, integrating a Crusher, Scale System and Feeder.
  • Implement controls to report diagnostics to vaccine manufacturer.

Leveraging the talents of its experienced and committed team, Material Transfer produced discharging systems in just eight weeks.

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