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What it means to be a Bulk Material Handling Visionary.
February 17, 2022
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4 Steps to Unlock New Opportunities for Efficiency, Productivity and Safety

Inspiring A Better Way. What does it mean for you? What does it take to realize the vision of a better way?

Here’s what we believe are the four essential steps to solving bulk material handling problems and unlocking new opportunities on your production floor.

Like a lot of customers, you might come to us with bulk material handling problems you’re not sure how to solve. So, the first step is gaining a complete understanding of your situation.

What are your pain points? Your current or potential challenges? Here are just a few examples of the issues we see:

  • Manual processes that put strain on employees.
  • Pressure to increase throughput to meet demand.
  • Risks to product quality and integrity from contamination.

A complete, collaborative understanding of all the challenges you face is essential. From there, we can start to shape a product vision that ultimately delivers greater value, improved efficiencies, longer machine life and safer work environments.

Many strategic decisions about a bulk material handling system hinge on the requirements of your industry or application.

For example, systems for Food and Pharmaceutical industries will typically call for:

  • Stainless steel construction for washdown.
  • Removable hardware for sanitation purposes.
  • FDA approved components.
  • Rounded corners to limit crevices where contamination could occur.
  • Catch pans to reduce contaminants from getting into the product.
  • Metal or defect detection, metering and batching.

Meanwhile, in Chemical applications, which often involve hazardous materials, you’ll need a variety of safety-focused features including:

  • Dust collection.
  • Static grounding.
  • Explosion protection equipment.
  • Intrinsically safe equipment.
  • Corrosion resistant materials.
  • Rated electrical components.

Keeping this complete context in mind helps lead to a system that’s customized in all the right ways for your needs.

When you’ve been focused on bulk material handling for as long as we have, a lot of different solutions become second nature.

For every problem we face, we’re leveraging experience across thousands of applications. Chances are, we’ve seen your problem before – or at least something similar – and we know a way to fix it.

  • Maintaining speed, accuracy and consistency when incorporating automation.
  • Preserving product integrity when implementing bulk bags.
  • Increasing on-site inventory to mitigate supply chain challenges.

Whatever the challenge, you can lean on our knowledge to quickly shape a solution that will improve efficiency and productivity.

Now it’s time to put all that prior legwork into practice.

Consider all of the particulars of your application and cross-reference with the knowledge base we’ve built over decades of customized solutions.

Together, we sketch a full system integration that helps you achieve more than you might have imagined before.

It pays to be bold with a solution – to aim for new heights of productivity, efficiency, longevity – when you have great confidence that it will work. We often have that confidence because we’ve achieved something like it before.

Nevertheless, any customized system still requires rigorous  testing. That’s why, before shipping, we can test your system thoroughly using your materials. This step is crucial to making sure your solution delivers the reliable performance you need.

Ensuring a Win-Win-Win Proposition

The vision of these four essential steps is not simply to get the job done. At Material Transfer, we aspire to make a bigger impact, because we know from experience that great things are possible. And benefits like increased productivity and efficiency are just the beginning.

We believe that a collaborative, strategic, innovative approach can create a win-win-win for:

Your Employees

Enhanced safety and job satisfaction.

Your Customers

Greater confidence that you can meet demand on time, every time.

Your Company

A stronger reputation for results that helps drive business growth.

In other words, transforming your operation like never before. That’s what we mean by being a visionary and inspiring a better way.

Want to explore what’s possible for you and your team?
Contact us with your bulk material handling challenge today.

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