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Inspiring a Better Way

At Material Transfer, we believe there is always a better way. That’s why, for more than 30 years, we have been singularly focused on delivering the highest performing bulk handling equipment and systems to transform customers’ operations into more than they can imagine.


Specializing in Great Results

With a sole focus on manufacturing bulk material handling systems and equipment, we deliver specialized solutions that outperform across a wide range of industries and applications.

Transforming Your Operations

From concept to completion, Material Transfer’s customization experts leverage their experience in bulk material handling to turn your unique challenges into proactive solutions that help your team perform at the highest level.

Delivering the Highest Customer Value

Whether you turn to MTS for an entire process line or a single machine, count on us to help you make the most of your solution. We’re always advancing the performance of our equipment, services and support.

Customers come to us with bulk material handling problems they don’t know how to solve. Leveraging experience across thousands of applications, our team of customization experts quickly shape product visions that ultimately deliver greater value, improved efficiencies, longer machine life and safer work environments.

Integrated Bulk Material Handling Systems

Filling Systems

Bulk Bag Conditioners


Filler Systems

Learn about our Power-Fill® Bulk Bag Fillers.


Learn about our Material Master® Bulk Bag Conditioner.


Learn about our Bulk Bag, Container and Drum Dischargers.

Access Our Service & Parts

From routine maintenance and repairs to customized service offerings, we’re committed to keeping your material handling equipment and systems running at peak performance.

They make excellent equipment that’s reliable and easy to operate. In working with them to design new systems, they’re willing to work with customers to deliver solutions far beyond what they imagine. They’ve also provided helpful suggestions and arrangements that help us save space within our plant. 

Technical Manager

Global Catalyst & Technology Company

Everything we do is about delivering more than our customers expect. Our systems and equipment include exclusive, patented, or patent-pending features not available from any other manufacturer. The design and development of these first-of-their-kind solutions demonstrate our commitment to constant improvement and customer satisfaction.

Scott Nyhof

President, Material Transfer

We are known for our thoughtfulness in design. We incorporate human-focused design that are ergonomic and operator friendly.

Robert Meirick

Sales & Marketing Manager