Bulk Bag Discharger Solutions

Safe & Efficient Bulk Bag Unloading

Introducing our Bulk Bag Discharger

Designed for optimal material unloading, our patented Material Master® Bulk Bag Discharger offers exclusive features and benefits. With advanced flow promotion, secure discharge spout closure, and effective dust control, our dischargers ensure efficient unloading. Prioritizing safety and reliability, these dischargers minimize downtime and maximize productivity.

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Bulk Bag Discharger
Bulk Bag Model


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Experience the high-performance of our bulk bag discharger.

Integrated Systems: Streamlined Material Handling Operations

Experience seamless material handling with Material Transfer’s integrated systems, featuring our high-performing dischargers at the core. By combining our reliable dischargers with advanced auxiliary equipment, we deliver custom solutions to optimize your entire material handling operation. 

Reliable Service & Parts

Our comprehensive range of service and parts includes installation and support, maintenance, aftermarket parts and on-site assistance. Maximize the performance and longevity of your equipment with our reliable service and parts solutions.