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Designed for efficient material handling, our custom drum dischargers safely unload materials into a variety of processing equipment. We custom engineer reliable drum discharge solutions to relieve worker strain, improve plant cleanliness, and ensure smooth performance. Leverage our drum dischargers to optimize your bulk material unloading today.

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Showcasing Our Featured Drum Dischargers

Explore our featured drum dischargers and learn how Material Transfer can design a custom solution to meet your unique needs.


#9037-AC Drum Dumper

This Lift & Seal™ hydraulic drum dumper was designed for handling drums filled with precious metals. Automatic controls were used to index the drum in and out of the discharger without manual assistance. With a 180° dump-carriage rotation, this unit accomplishes maximum material discharge with each cycle.

#9276-AC Drum Dumper

To discharge drums containing plastic additives, we designed this caster portable, intrinsically safe Lift & Seal™ drum dumper. The drum is raised to form a dust-tight seal between the drum and the fixed pour cone, preventing contaminants from entering into the product during discharge. Indoor-use portability includes two rigid casters and two locking swivel casters with face contact brakes to prevent movement once in place.

#6330-AC Drum Dumper

Catering to the chemical industry, this Lift & Seal™ drum dumper provides a solution to move maximum product with minimal product contact. With a 600lb capacity, 60” discharge height, and 180° dump carriage rotation, this drum discharger offers maximum results for heavy, repetitive processes, keeping workers safe and production up and running.

Integrated Systems: Streamlined Material Handling Operations

Experience seamless material handling with Material Transfer’s integrated systems, featuring our high-performing dischargers at the core. By combining our reliable dischargers with advanced auxiliary equipment, we deliver custom solutions to optimize your entire material handling operation. 

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Our comprehensive range of service and parts includes installation and support, maintenance, aftermarket parts and on-site assistance. Maximize the performance and longevity of your equipment with our reliable service and parts solutions.