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The robust line of Power-Fill® Bulk Bag Fillers provide the durability, high performance and reliability you need to get your dry powders and bulk solids to your customers safely and more efficiently.

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Power Fill Pro

Power-Fill® Pro

A robust, automated filler designed for high-volume production.
Container Dischargers

Power-Fill® Select

A customizable filler designed for medium-volume production.
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Power-Fill® Limited

Entry-level filler with a range of feature options designed for low-volume production.

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Experience the high-performance of our Power-Fill® Pro and Select Bulk Bag Fillers.

Showcasing Our Power-Fill® Pro Bulk Bag Fillers

Explore our featured Power-Fill® Pro Fillers and learn how Material Transfer can design a custom solution to meet your unique needs.


#10082-AF Bulk Bag Filler

This Power-Fill® Pro bulk bag filler is unique in design. To ensure material is filled to a specific weight and to prevent double handling of the bulk bag, this unit includes not one, but two scale systems. The initial scale measures the bulk bag as it is being filled, based on a predetermined fill weight. The second scale is attached to the conveyor base to limit its load, increase its accuracy, and confirm that the predetermined fill weight has been met. This ‘double weigh’ method takes place while the bag is still fully attached to the bulk bag filler, allowing additional material to be added to the bulk bag if needed before disconnecting and conveying away from the unit.

#10135-AF Bulk Bag Filler

To accommodate a wide variety of bag designs (with varying factors including loop length, inlets spout length, bag height, etc.), this Power-Fill® Select bulk bag filler includes notched loop hooks that operators can manually adjust based on which bag style is being filled. A custom-fabricated barrier is mounted to the ground in front of the filler to protect the unit (and its floor-level load cells) from forklifts as they approach and remove the filled bulk bag.

#9233-AF Bulk Bag Filler

When connecting a customer’s system to our bulk bag filler, it can be a challenge to ensure the rigid tubing aligns. To prevent misalignment and still allow the fill head enough movement to accommodate both 46” tall bulk bags and 88” tall IBC’s, we designed a tube-in-tube design with supports. This technique allowed the customer to connect their system to two stationary points above the support frame without adding any additional friction due to misalignment and compromising the weigh scale below.

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Experience seamless material handling with our integrated systems. By combining our high performing fillers with advanced auxiliary equipment, we deliver comprehensive solutions tailored to optimize your entire material handling operation. 

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