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Designed for smooth unloading, our Container Dischargers integrate with diverse containers and receiving systems. Offering superior flow control and dust emission prevention, they guarantee material containment and precise discharge. Whether sub-micron powders or heavy forged parts, these manual or automated discharge systems drive material handling efficiency.

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Explore our featured container dischargers and learn how Material Transfer can design a custom solution to meet your unique needs.


#10149-AA Container Discharger

Designed and manufactured for the frozen food industry, this container discharger handles frozen vegetables. Product is discharged from large containers into a pour hood, then metered into a catch bin below using gain-in-weight technology. Made of stainless steel and built with necessary safety measures, this discharger meets the sanitation and safety requirements for any food processing plant.

#6297-AA Container Discharger

This heavy-duty container discharger was designed to dump large containers of rubber pellets into an existing system. Per customer requirements, this unit has an elevated load height, an 11ft discharge height, and 4,000lb lifting capacity. An oil cooler is present to prevent overheating, making it suitable for continuous operation.

#6722-AA Container Discharger

For use in a packaging company, this container discharger was designed with not only end results in mind, but also process safety and efficiency. A light curtain is located on the load side of the unit to seize operation when someone or something is in its path, and safety caging is located on either side of the unit to prevent injury to the operator or damage to the unit. Controls are located outside the safety caging, and by accessing a digital display, operators can remain aware of where the unit is throughout the discharging process and monitor any issues that may arise. With stainless-steel product contacts and a screw conveyor located at the front of the unit, product is discharged and metered to the customer’s existing process with accuracy and no contamination.

Integrated Systems: Streamlined Material Handling Operations

Experience seamless material handling with Material Transfer’s integrated systems, featuring our high-performing dischargers at the core. By combining our reliable dischargers with advanced auxiliary equipment, we deliver custom solutions to optimize your entire material handling operation.

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