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With its patented design and unique feature set, the Material Master® Bulk Bag Conditioner safely and seamlessly returns hardened bulk bags to a free-flowing state. Our custom bulk bag conditioners are designed to meet your unique application requirements and optimize your entire conditioning process.

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Designed to transform operations, our patented Material Master® Bulk Bag Conditioner delivers the efficiency and high-performance we’re known for.

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Explore our featured bulk bag conditioners and learn how Material Transfer can design a custom solution to meet your unique needs.


#10151-MC Bulk Bag Conditioner

Materials such as salt and sugar can harden over time due to multiple environmental factors, including humidity or road travel. Designed for use in the food industry, this bulk bag conditioner is built to return these materials back to a free-flowing state without compromising the bulk bag or the material itself. With features including a stainless-steel turntable cover and food-grade grease, this unit offers superior results while maintaining sanitary requirements of the facility.

#10143-MC Bulk Bag Conditioner

This bulk bag conditioner was built for use in the medical industry. With a 48” travel hydraulic lift platform, it can handle a range of bulk bag sizes. A custom recipe can be created to handle dimensions of each bag and saved for future use so that operations are completely automated, reducing risk of operator error or inexperience. To protect the safety of the operator, this conditioner includes metal guarding on three sides and load-side light curtains that seize equipment operation if the sensor is tripped.

#10088-MC Bulk Bag Conditioner

The purpose of our bulk bag conditioners is to deliver the same end result – free-flowing material – but there are many ways to customize your unit to fit your facility’s needs. This construction materials manufacturer needed a durable unit with chemical-resistant fabrication that could operate continuously throughout 24-hour shifts, all while maintaining a clean and safe facility. To meet their requirements, we designed this unit to include a stainless-steel turntable cover (chemical resistance), a fan-driven hydraulic oil cooler (continuous operation), a drip-pan below the hydraulic unit (cleanliness), and four sides of operator protection including three sides of metal guarding and load-side light curtains (safety).

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Discover how our conditioners excel across industries. Explore real-world case studies highlighting their exceptional performance, versatility, and productivity improvements. Unlock new possibilities for your material handling needs with our advanced conditioners. 

Fertilizer Case Study

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Experience seamless material handling with Material Transfer’s integrated systems, featuring our advanced conditioners at the core. By combining our conditioners with advanced auxiliary equipment, we deliver custom solutions to optimize your entire material handling operation.


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