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Five Benefits of a Turnkey Material Handling System
May 4, 2023

Faced with evolving customer needs, supply chain challenges and stricter regulatory compliance, the pressure is on for manufacturers to make goods at higher volumes, faster turnaround times and at lower costs. This makes every step across the supply chain critical in ensuring efficiency, quality, uptime, safety and profitability. So, when it comes to creating your material handling process – from weighing and batching to bagging and conveying – don’t overlook the benefits of a turnkey system.

A turnkey system is designed to automate multiple steps into one seamless process flow. It integrates a variety of equipment and controls software that can be customized to fit your specific application requirements.

Watch Now: Our Approach to Designing Turnkey Solutions

Here are five ways a turnkey system can transform your operations.

To manage your process more efficiently, a turnkey system automates tasks that are otherwise performed manually. Bulk bag conditioning, filling and discharging equipment work together with conveyors, feeders, scales and more in one integrated system – helping reduce time and labor required to produce goods.

Designing a fully integrated system is a huge challenge – particularly when you’re trying to ensure it maximizes the effectiveness of your entire operation. That’s why you need to partner with a proven system’s aggregator who has experience in designing and engineering high-performing systems. With the right partner, you’ll be able to ensure the smoothest flow and highest output possible for your application.

Right from the start, a turnkey system sets the quality standard throughout your work environment – from ensuring precise tasks to maintaining product quality to creating a safe production floor.

Quality of Process

Turnkey systems automate tasks – eliminating human error and ensuring precision in the production process. For example, automating bulk material weighing ensures exact, consistent measurements every time – a critical need in the food and chemical industries.

Quality of Product

Equipment integration also minimizes product contamination. For one food manufacturer, Material Transfer recently delivered a turnkey bulk-bag filling system that includes a metal detector to remove contaminants while products flow into a bulk bag.

Quality of Production Floor

Integrating auxiliary dust containment equipment can improve the overall safety of your production floor. By leveraging a dust collector in your integrated system, you can control fugitive dust at the source – ensuring your production floor stays dust-free.

Working with a proven systems aggregator, like Material Transfer, offers other uptime advantages. In addition to custom engineering high-performing bulk material handling equipment, we work with a network of industry partners that specialize in auxiliary equipment like conveyors, hoppers, ducting and more.

By combining our best-in-class material handling equipment, automation software and proven processes with our partners’ high-quality auxiliary solutions, customers gain a true turnkey system. With automated systems and technology in place, customers can produce more goods in less time – increasing output and profitability.

Leveraging our deep expertise, we make the process of creating a turnkey system easy for our customers. Trust Material Transfer to deliver the results you need.

Repetitive tasks and forceful exertions are among the biggest accident and injury risks in any processing operation. By automating tasks, integrating safety features and incorporating ergonomic designs, a turnkey system can dramatically reduce these risks.

Your turnkey system provider should be looking for every opportunity to incorporate safety features into your operation, including machine guarding, control system interlocks, and more to protect your people.

Investing in turnkey systems can deliver improved ROI by reducing operating costs, increasing efficiency and improving output. They also generate more revenue and increase profitability over time.

And it’s not just ROI from the equipment, either. When you work with a proven turnkey systems provider, you get more than the industry’s highest-performing material handling equipment, you gain access to experts with deep knowledge of all the equipment and how it functions within your manufacturing environment.

At the heart of a great turnkey system is best-in-class material handling equipment. And when you surround that equipment with a variety of automated auxiliary equipment that can optimize your entire production flow, you’ll see the transformation in your upstream and downstream operations.

Have questions about turnkey systems for bulk material handling, or specific challenges in your application?

The experts at Material Transfer are here to help. Contact us anytime

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