Integrated Material Handling Systems

Transform Your Operations with a Complete Material Handling System

In an increasingly competitive environment, you need to produce goods at higher volumes and at faster turnaround times. And at Material Transfer, we’ve got you covered.

Unlock the Full Potential of Your Process

Leveraging our expertise to transform operations, we’re delivering a competitive business advantage by offering fully integrated bulk material handling systems. Incorporating our high-performing bulk material handling equipment with automated auxiliary processes like conveying, material storage, feeding, weighing and more, we’ll create a solution that will unlock the full potential of your material handling workflow.

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Customized Integrated Systems for YOUR Application

An integrated system is designed to automate multiple steps in your operation into one seamless process flow. Customized to fit your specific application requirements, we can integrate our best-in-class material handling equipment, like our Fillers, Conditioners and Dischargers, into a variety of auxiliary processes, including:
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The Benefits of an Integrated System Maximize Performance Increase Output Streamline Operations Automate Manual Tasks Improve Employee Safety

Showcasing Our Featured Integrated Systems

Explore our featured integrated systems and learn how Material Transfer can design a custom solution to meet your unique needs.


#10105-AE System

Identify a problem; create a solution. This producer of nutritional supplements was dealing with low-volume output and labor shortages. By combining two bulk bag dischargers into one complete system, including automated infeed and multi-level platforms, this custom system increased volume output and reduced operators per shift. With a frame and product contacts made of stainless steel, this system is not only fabricated for sanitary handling of consumer goods but is also built to meet washdown duty.

#10125-AF System

Turnkey solutions increase efficiency, quality, uptime, safety, and profitability. In this case, a manufacturer of glue pellets was looking for a single system to fill not one, but four different packaging options (small boxes, gaylord containers, large bulk bags, and small bags). To accomplish this feat, we designed a turnkey system to meet all their filling needs. A bucket elevator feeds product to a large hopper above the system. Product is then dispensed to the required location using technology included in the custom systems control package. With the touch of a button, the bags, boxes, and containers are automatically filled to predetermined weights without the need for weight monitoring by the operator.

#10142-AE-AC System

Built to handle discharging for two different containers, this bulk bag and drum discharging system utilizes advanced controls and strategically placed slide gates in a ‘Y’ transition to alternate between the two, allowing product to enter the existing system below. The intrinsically safe design and integrated dust collection system provides safety in this facility’s hazardous environment.

Expertise. Collaboration. Results.

For a proven system’s aggregator like MTS, we’re used to designing a fully integrated system for challenging applications. We leverage our network of industry partners that specialize in auxiliary processes like conveying, material storage, weighing and more to create a solution that seamlessly integrates with our high-performing bulk material handling equipment. With the right systems and technology in place, customers can produce more goods in less time – increasing output and profitability.

Beyond auxiliary equipment partners, we’ve strengthened our network of representatives to provide greater customer service and support. Count on us to tap into our network of expertise to deliver the results you can rely on.

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