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Leverage Full System Integration for Strategic Advantage
November 14, 2022

Material Transfer: Your material handling partner for any and every application.

With accelerated production demand, higher-than-ever customer expectations and continuous product shortages, it’s time to turn your bulk material handling processes into a business advantage.

Begin by finding a trusted partner that can design, build and automate a complete bulk material handling system, all under one roof. Whether it’s a single unit or a fully integrated system – that moves material from one stage to the next – your material handling solution should drive significant improvements on your production floor.

Partner with a team of customization experts and gain access to decades of in-house expertise. This includes custom design, engineering, system layouts, fabrication, testing, manufacturing, construction, project management; and on-location delivery and set-up. 

Drawing on this experience, our product visionaries quickly design and build application-specific solutions for a wide range of industries. Whether your focus is on processing hazardous materials, preserving product integrity during transport or maximizing the safety of your employees, we’ve solved problems like yours before.

Custom system features

System requirements vary based on the application and material(s) being handled. A wide range of customized features and components can include:


Vibratory Feeders

Lump Breakers

Dust Collection Systems

Work Platforms

Scale Systems

And more!

Leveraging decades of experience, our experts quickly assess your requirements and prepare custom solution designs, timelines and budgets. And by keeping everything under one roof, we streamline communication and production coordination needs for even greater efficiency.

By automating your bulk material handling processes, you can produce goods more quickly and affordably while maintaining the highest quality standards.  And by taking the step to integrate your material handling systems to convey, weigh, batch and bag your bulk materials – you can accelerate product flow management, make production planning easier, improve resource allocation, and ensure repeatability and control.

Reap the many benefits of an automated bulk material handling system

  • Create a connected process: Seamlessly move materials through production with a connected system workflow.
  • Reduce operator strain: Eliminate safety risks associated with high task repetition and forceful exertions that cause operator fatigue and increase the risk of injury.
  • Increase productivity: Integrate automated equipment tailored to your production flow and make your processes faster, more efficient with less resources.
  • Ease inventory management: Ensure greater control and improved production planning to better meet customer on-time delivery deadlines.
  • Build an Employee-First Culture: Improve retention and enhance your reputation by showing employees you value their well-being.

    By partnering with a systems integrator, you gain a competitive edge. We’re confident our product visionaries can innovate a complete custom solution that transforms your production floor – maximizing efficiency, accelerating productivity and enhancing operator safety.

    At Material Transfer, we’re ready to turn your bulk material handling process into a business advantage.

    Explore what’s possible for you and your team.
    Contact us with your bulk material handling challenge today.

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